Does the P-Shot Really Work?

Sometimes changes happen in your body that can impact your sexual satisfaction. These can be the result of aging, a medical problem, or an undiagnosed condition. You may find you have trouble getting and maintaining erections or that your sexual pleasure is diminished. 

In addition to taking away some of the joy of sex, these problems may also have a negative impact on your relationship. Your confidence might be lower, and you might feel depressed or frustrated. You may wonder what’s gone wrong and what you can do about it. 

At Kaya Health and Wellness in Little Silver, New Jersey, Dr. Monica Sood uses functional medicine principles to help you live your best life. She offers the latest treatment options for sexual wellness, including the highly effective P-shot procedure. 

What is the P-shot?

The Priapus shot, commonly known as a P-shot, is a treatment that improves sexual satisfaction for men. It consists of injections of platelet-rich plasma into your penis. One simple treatment can treat a wide variety of sexual health issues.

What can the P-shot do?

The P-shot provides a number of sexual enhancement benefits, including:

Dr. Sood provides the P-shot treatment as a simple in-office procedure that typically does not require any downtime for healing. 

What is a P-shot treatment like?

The P-shot is based on a type of treatment called platelet-rich plasma therapy. This safe and natural treatment uses cells from your own body to treat your condition. It is completed during a short office visit, and you will see results almost immediately.

To complete the P-shot procedure, Dr. Sood takes a sample of your blood. She then separates out the platelets, cells that are your body’s natural healing agents. Dr. Sood then concentrates your blood plasma with the platelets and readies it for injection. 

After applying either a numbing cream or nerve block to your penis to prevent you from experiencing pain during the procedure, Dr. Sood inserts the platelet-rich plasma into your penis. The entire procedure only takes about 60 minutes, and you will be able to resume normal activities immediately. 

Does the P-shot really work?

The P-shot harnesses the healing powers already present in your body to provide you with increased sexual satisfaction. Dr. Sood has treated many of her patients with the P-shot, allowing them to experience impressive improvements in their sex lives. 

Set up a consultation with Dr. Sood to learn more about how you can increase your sexual satisfaction with the P-shot. Call our office to schedule your appointment today.

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